Our story.

Raised in the middle of many cultures, we grew up with traditional Asian values, but in the modernity of a Western society. We inherited a substantial passion for food (thanks to our moms) and a small devotion for drinking (thanks to our dads) and have the desire to combine the best of both worlds. Our cultural richness is our most precious asset and we look forward to introducing you to our world, which is a seasoned mix of tradition and modernity.

Our values.

The notions of exchange, sharing and diversity are part of Callisto’s DNA. Cultural diversity is one of the greatest assets of our society and we celebrate everything about it. Our products are the result of an intercultural knowledge transmission, they are made to be shared and foster social relations. Promoting diversity is therefore essential for us. We seek to work with people from all walks of life in order to nourish our inspiration and foster exchange. Diversity is also reflected in our recipes as well as the plurality of services we offer.

The founding team


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