Crowdfunding: thank you 33’511 times!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this crazy month! ❤️

You were more than 170 contributors to support our crowdfunding campaign! Thanks to you we have raised the beautiful sum of CHF 33’511.- 🥰

The launch of our dematerialized restaurant can now enter its next phase.

Thanks again to the SIG Impact platform for promoting eco-responsible small businesses and for believing in us! 🤝

For all contributors: we will contact you soon to give you your delicious rewards!

The pop-up events are over for this year, but will be back in 2022! However our mobile server delivery service will launch soon so be prepared! 🥳

Be part of the adventure!

Big news! Today we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to speed up the launch of Callisto and our dematerialized restaurant concept! 🙌

We are proud to get the support of SIG Impact, a wonderful platform that highlight projects with a sustainable approach 🌱🌎

To make our dream come true, we need your help! Support our project through a financial contribution and receive back some delicious rewards valid… for life! 🤩

Thanks to you we will be able to purchase all the kitchen and bar equipment we need, as well as set up the logistics for our delivery services and larger scale pop-up events. 💪

Hit this link right

Spread the wordand thanks again! 🙏