Are you already open?
Yes and no! Due to Covid restrictions our plans have been delayed. Our delivery service will start in December, however pop-up events regularly take place in Romandie. Follow us on Social Media to not miss out on any news!
What is dim sum?
A set of dishes from Cantonese cuisine usually served in small portions for the purpose of sharing.
What is a dim sum bar?
Callisto specializes in dim sum and cocktails. We value the art of gastronomy as much as the art of mixology and have decided to merge these two worlds.
What is cocktail pairing?
Pairing is the art of combining two elements together. You probably know about wine and food pairing? Then you will be even more seduced by cocktail pairing, which offers a wider aromatic spectrum. Callisto specializes in dim sum-cocktail pairing. Each of our dim sum comes with a dedicated cocktail that perfectly matches it. Our work in blending flavors brings an enriched and original culinary experience. Try it out and be surprised!
What is your dematerialized restaurant concept?
We don’t have a fixed dining room: we live in various ephemeral locations through pop-up events and also do deliveries. With our “mobile servers” concept our address is yours. We deliver dim sum and cocktails straight to your table.
How do you deliver your dim sum & cocktails?
Currently we deliver our dim sum frozen. The cooking is done in 9 minutes, by your care or by our mobile servers at your place. Warm delivery will be in place by 2022.
Our cocktails are shaken by our bartender and instantly transferred into a glass bottle that will be freshly brought to your delivery location.
What is your mobile waiter concept?
A special delivery service for people who want to feel like in a restaurant, but at home. Something in between a waiter, a bartender and a private chef, our mobile waiters will not only deliver your order, but will serve you straight at your table. Once at your place, they will finish preparing your dim sum and cocktails within a few minutes, serve them at your table, and then leave to serve other customers. This service is also a way for us to meet our customers and tell the story of our products in a more lively way.
Do your dim sum follow an authentic recipe?
Callisto offers a revisited Asian cuisine mixing Asian culinary flavors with Western ones. It is important for us to specify that customers will always find an Asian flavor in our recipes. We do not do a full fusion cuisine. We want to keep the dim sum essence but bring a pinch of modernity adapted for a Western audience.